Anchored in Chicago, the Puerto Rican Arts Alliance, or PRAA, is a vibrant twenty-one year old music and arts nonprofit organization inspiring over 30,000 annually. PRAA’s groundbreaking inclusive educational programs, performances, and exhibits inspire future generations and grow appreciation for Puerto Rican heritage and culture.

PRAA’s Impact Statement

Annually, over 30,000 youth, students, and audience members explore, learn, and expand their appreciation of Puerto Rican culture and heritage through the Puerto Rican Arts Alliance (PRAA). Over half are urban youth, many with few opportunities to engage in music and arts educational programs. Additionally, hundreds attend PRAA’s annual Emmy award winning National Cuatro Festival.

Since 1998, PRAA has instilled music and arts appreciation in over 330,000 youth and audience members. Through PRAA’s Latin Music Project and Studio Arts Program children and students begin the path to success in their higher learning aspirations. PRAA’s diverse programs share Puerto Rican music, arts, and culture beyond Chicago, the region, and the country.

PRAA is positioned to grow the Latin Music Project into a youth music conservatory, build upon its innovative performances and arts exhibitions, while increasing student learning and audience engagement. With increased financial support, PRAA will expand appreciation for Latin music and arts and leave a lasting impact on the next generation of musicians and artists.