The Puerto Rican Arts Alliance is an innovative Chicago resource

• PRAA’s audience of over 30,000 annually includes 15,000 urban students, from preschool to high school, many with few opportunities to access music and arts educational programs

• Over PRAA’s 21 year history, its programs and events have reached over 330,000 youth, students, and audience members

• Anchored in Chicago’s Puerto Rican community and located in Avondale and Humboldt Park, PRAA’s music and arts programs connect communities and cultures

Annually, 1200 students flourish in PRAA’s unique, inclusive Latin Music Project

• PRAA’s progressive and diverse music program travels to serve many urban students with few other opportunities to discover music, arts, and other cultural expression

• An Avondale resource, PRAA’s Latin Music Project empowers over 600 aspiring musicians to explore and excel in rigorous preconservatory training on the cuatro, guitar, and violin

PRAA’s Studio Arts and Archive connect Puerto Rican arts and culture with diverse Chicago residents

• PRAA’s Studio Arts program expands students’ dedication to Puerto Rican arts and opens up careers in art therapy, medical illustration, and more

• Together students develop resilience, gain self-confidence, learn public speaking, and acquire other life skills in a welcoming safe environment

• Throughout the city, students create murals for their schools and communities that are treasured for years to come

• PRAA’s Archive project shares Puerto Rican culture and heritage with multicultural audiences and preserves it for future generations

PRAA’s National Annual Cuatro Festival and other unique events welcome ALL music enthusiasts

• PRAA’s National Cuatro Festival is an annual Emmy award winning, emotionally captivating concert welcoming audience members from near and far and offering music workshops for aspiring musicians with visiting performers and composers

• PRAA’s unique menu of events, including many free inclusive cultural concerts and performances, welcome Puerto Rican and Latin musicians and artists expanding the love of the cuatro, strengthening Puerto Rican heritage, and opening up the arts for future generations

PRAA is poised for its next stage of growth

• PRAA’s expanding cultural programs are inspiring more urban students to develop their music and arts appreciation

• PRAA’s Latin Music Project is growing into a youth conservatorybased model for music training and learning leading to a more inclusive professional music community

• Led by a professional board and fostering a new generation of donors, PRAA is forging a creative equitable path towards cross cultural understandi